ChiPro’s consultancy services have a strong sector orientation towards food and other life science products, from cosmetics to biotechnology. We also work in Germany and are registered with RKW-Bremen, for example. So, most of our mandates are focused on facilitating exports from countries outside Europe into the EU; clients may be private companies or business support organizations (government or business associations). In addition to general or regionally oriented marketing, we are often required to take part in workshops dealing with the increasingly complex legal and sanitary requirements for sensitive food-stuffs or ingredients.

Our experience is based on 10 years of industrial product development in emerging markets for European consumption and an additional 20 years of consultancy work in this field. In our perception, marketing, technical, and sanitary requirements as well as documentation along the value chain according to legal and/or customer-set standards need to be seen as one unit.

Since the foundation of ChiPro we have worked in innovative fields in close cooperation with academic institutions and facilitators, at a regional or EU level. Using this experience with the “Golden Triangle” we can also offer to set up adapted structures for capacity building projects in emerging markets as has been done, for example, in the “The Engineering Capacity Building Program” in Ethiopia.