Carrier material: Chitosan

Development of a chitosan-based nanosystem for the complexation of miRNA for use in a cream for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer

ChiPro initiated a cooperation project with the University of Bremen and the Clinic for Dermatology from the University Hospital, Essen.

Contribution: ChiPro offers its expertise to develop chitosan-based particles for gene delivery. We are working with chitosans of different origins (e.g. animal and non-animal) and modifying their properties to achieve an effective gene condensation and the formation of stable particles. We have developed particles that can condensate DNA, siRNA and microRNAs.


Project Background: Skin cancer is currently the most common malignant disorder in Europe. One third of all diagnosed cancer cases in the world can be attributed to this. Therefore, there is a need for more specialized treatments for skin cancer. As a result of the active mechanism, existing formulations and products often lead to a strong inflammation reaction in the area of the application site. Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop systems that can be applied directly for the treatment of skin cancer cells.