Chitosan Face Mask

ChiPro’s Chitosan face mask (45% Chitosan, 55% Rayon) smoothens, purifies and moisturizes your skin. The anti-inflammatory effect reduces red dots and enhances the self- healing of the skin. The face mask is suitable for any skin type. Chitosan’s cationic charges bind heavy metal ions that are often part of cosmetics as also found in city air and remove them with other impurities from all pores for perfect and deep cleansing of the skin.

ChiPro face masks come in a two-chamber bag. The upper chamber contains the lotion the mask is soaked with. In the lower part is the Chitosan-cotton mask. The mask might be used with the accompanying lotion or, if one prefers, it can used just with water and your usual skin care might be applied after use.

We can deliver full sets or just the dry masks to be integrated into your cosmetic product range. Contact us!