ChiProPlant ® is a Chitosan-based natural product, supporting plant resistance against pathogenic fungi and bacteria. It promotes healthy soil life, improves vitality and yield of plants and supports plant growth through its strong elicitor effect. The compound is made from crab shells and represents environmentally-friendly plant care by helping reduce chemical pest management. ChitoPlant® increases yield, germination rate, growth and sturdiness of treated plants and has positive effects on symbiotic mycorrhiza.

Furthermore, it has proven effects in supporting plants against abiotic stress factors such as extreme weather conditions -- for example, drought. ChiProPlant® is water-soluble and can be applied with normal spraying equipment and it is suitable for all plants, soils and seeds outside or under glass. The strong prophylaxis against infestations one hand and enhanced plant growth of your healthy plant on the other will show in your yield and/or the beauty of your plants.

ChiProPlant® chitosanhydrochlorid is listed as a basic substance in theEuropean Union (EU No.1107/2009).