Applications of ChiProPlant

ChiProPlant is completely water soluble and can be applies with conventional spraying equipment. It also can be used to apply with a watering can. To apply ChiProPlant onto the plant surrounding soil has beneficial effects for symbiotic microorganisms and inhibits the proliferation of soil-borne phytopathogens.

The needed amount of ChiProPlant varies between plants, required effects and application method. ChiProPlant can be applied by foliar spraying, band spraying, watering, seed-dipping, etc.

ChiProPlant requires zero safety days before harvest. Number of treatments and interval vary from plant to plant, treatment purpose and climate conditions.

A general application overview:

Purpose Yield Increase Growth Enhancement Seed Treatment Disease Prevention Curative Treatment
Amount of ChiProPlant 0.25 - 1 g/L 0.5 - 1 g/L 1 g/L 0.25 – 2 g/L 1 - 2 g/L


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