Product Position in Value Chain Customer Orientation/Focus
  • Ready to use
  • Base for further combinations
  • Wholesalers
  • Regional or country representation
Chitosan Face Mask
(2 components)
  • Can be used as it is
  • Co-packing under seller’s brand possible
  • Single component: fiber mask only
  • Partners in cosmetic industry selling under our or their brand name
Chitosan Fibers
  • Highly refined raw material
  • Various fields of functional application
  • Medical products and textiles
  • Strategic partners, support or joint developments possible
Functional Cosmetics
  • Existing formulas
  • Tested products
  • Animal care
  • Partner’s integration into existing  cosmetic brand, integration into existing beauty systems; development of adapted cosmetic systems
  • Licensing, deliveries to strategic partners for integration into their product range
Biotechnology (R&D)
  • Ion exchanger on non-woven base, chromatographic purification with high cell material tolerance, single use systems(protein A ligands in development)
  • Protein producing companies; joint application development possible